Always fresh, always delicious



This is what we call BIO 

Wether it's meat, fish, eggs, olive oil, vegetables, fruits or many others, Morocco has all the goods at quality you hardly find in European supermarkets! 

That's where we do every day our groceries!


A little bit of everything

That is the best way to describe breakfast at SALAS. Always fresh baguettes, tea, coffe,  omelets, paté, porridges, smoothies, and many others, everything home-made. 

PRICE: Included in the price of the room

Just  enjoy the best start of your day!


Culinary experience

As first you will always get a soup or starter. Main dishes from any part of the world menu of largest variety you can imagine follows after. Of course there's no good dinner without dessert!  That's what you find on our dinner table almost every day.

GALA dinners are always special! Full table of delicacies coming from bbq, fresh salads and side dishes. LIVE MUSIC during whole evening.

PRICE:  Regular dinner              12 e                       GALA dinner                    17 e