... OUR STORY ...

Was it a crazy idea to drive from Slovakia all the way down to Morocco with an old Skoda Felicia? My mechanic said there was not much that could break on the car ... so we went! Thats how our African adventure began.

From hashish mountains in the North, towns like Essaouira, Imsouane, Taghazoute, down the endless coastline full of perfect pointbreaks to the magic mountain ranges of Anti-Atlas. 

... we ended up at the gates of the Western Sahara in SIDI IFNI. That was back in 2013 and already than we knew there was something special about this place!

After that our ways split and everyone followed his own path. Because life doesn't always go as planned, we found ourselves in peaceful land of camels, unique nature and perfect waves again in 2018 ....

So here we are, at SALAŠ [salash] our base! Wanna know more? JUST COME OVER.

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